Why Great Lakes Railing


Harmony Railing systems from Great Lakes Railing combine beautiful design, expert craftsmanship, and long-lasting durability.

Harmony Railing is the perfect choice for customers who demand the integrity of a commercially approved product with the elegance and style desired for residential deck projects.

Assembled in West Michigan using the patented Ultralox Interlocking™ Technology, here are some of the reasons you and your customers should be using Harmony Railing:

Semi-matte textured AAMA 2604 architectural powder coat

consistent beauty and long-lasting durability

ICC-ES AC273-compliant

superior quality, easy code approvals

No welds

consistent look and quality

Convenient kits

easy to order, easy to inventory, easy to install

Easy ordering

fewer mistakes, less time required

Faster lead times

better customer service for your clients, make adjustments quicker

20-year powder-coat warranty

great value and peace of mind

Hidden fasteners for a sleek look

beautiful and smartly engineered

Pre-assembled panels

ease of installation, save time and money!

Up to 50% faster installations

fewer man hours required, do more jobs in a season

Locally fabricated

quicker response time, local parts availability, keep dollars local

Easy estimating

quicker quotes, get more business!

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